About me

Angeliki tells stories and
makes art and picture books for children

Over the last 14 years, she has completed over 100 picture books, working as an in-house illustrator for STAMOULIS Publications and clients from the US. She loves exploring the fantastical world of storytelling through pictures and digital media and has published three picture books of her own. In addition, Angeliki is a proud plant momma and often daydreams in nature gardens around her home in Athens, Greece.


Vakalo Art and Design college: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Design / 2002-2005
Intergraphics / 2008
Panorama Design / 2010
Albert Consulting Seminar: Internet, email, marketing & social media / 2011
Animation and Illustration Day / 2011
Lilla Rogers: MATS Course Illustrating Children’s Books / 2016
Design Athens Overdose / 2017


2008 – Present
In house illustrator for Stamoulis Publications
Developed over 100 picture books
Painted multiple characters with a variety of styles and techniques
Ability to create under tight schedules and deadlines


Athens Con 2015 / Athens Con 2016
Illustradays 2022


Traditional: Watercolor, coloured pencils, ink, pencil
Digital Media: Photoshop, Procreate.
Languages: English and Greek (native language)


Emotional intelligence / Imaginative / Optimistic
Organised / Adaptable / Time management
Teamwork / Communication


House Plant Care, playing with children, bird watching, books.

Let’s Work Together

You are about to work with Angeliki!

What does it mean to work with me

Before we start, you should know:
  • I’m all in for teamwork, either from large companies or agencies to people (like you and me)
  • We’ll have fun doing a project together, side by side.
  • I’m always in favour of working in a friendly environment.
  • I will create a unique result, full of character which promotes the client in the best possible way.
  • Each project is very dear to me, so I put all my love, time, and effort into every piece of illustration I do.
Some working conditions

These are some requirements I have reinforced over time and can greatly help us in keeping the right path and bringing the project to an awesome end for both parties.

  • The corrections and adjustments will have a certain duration and won’t be infinite. Making more adjustments than what we established at the beginning will have an additional charge.
  • My illustration style has its own organic flow, so it develops according to the project to better fit the concept.
  • When the project is over I will deliver a nice illustration in PSD format or high-quality Jpeg. I will not deliver the originals or layered PSD files.
  • About the payments: they must be made via electronic deposit to my bank account or via PayPal within a maximum of 30 days. When the project requires it (due to its length or complexity), I’ll ask a 50% beforehand.

Order an Illustration with Angeliki

Do you have a project for your company?
Or maybe a family portrait in mind?

Answering these simple questions will make the whole process quick and fun.
Send me a mail!
In order to estimate the price for your illustration, I will need these three answers
regarding your project:

What is it, and what is it for?

(Is it a portrait?, is it an illustration? Is it a book or a birthday card?)

How big is it (A4, 10x14cm…) and how many they will be?

If it’s more than one illustration, how many units will they be).

When is the deadline?

(Tomorrow, two weeks, in a month?)

With these answers, I can estimate how much time and work it will take me to do the project. And with that clear, I can give you the estimated price!

Any questions? Do you want to have coffee with me?

Sure! Don’t hesitate to write me!