Ο φίλος μας ο Νάσος. Είναι έξυπνος πολύ!

Our friend, Nasos

Imagine school being everyday torture for a little kid.

Can it cause pain instead of joy?

How can the parents, teacher, and classmates of every dyslexic little Nasos help him?

Let’s find it out together in this story.

Our friend Nasos is a unique book, gentle and tender, written with love by kindergarten teacher Ero Papadopoulou who has a vast experience with dyslexia as a teacher and a mother.

The book comes with a story that shows in simple and fun ways kids of kindergarten and first and second elementary class the problem that a dyslexic kid faces while showcasing all the unique talents that the kid acquires with valuable resources for both parents and parents and teachers.