Kit-Kat Overwhelming Brat Cat

Kit Kat. Overwhelming brat cat.

Meet Kit-Kat, a funny, mischievous cat who always manages to get into and out of trouble.

Kit-Kat, Brat Cat, Baby Cat,
What will you do today?
Will you go out to play?
Will you play cat and mouse
In your warm and cozy house?

Kit-Kat, Brat Cat, Silly Cat,
Will you sleep in the sun
Until the day is done?
Or pull the curtains down
Causing mom to frown?


Kit-Kat, Brat Cat, Silly Cat,
No matter what you do
When the day is through
We will still love you.

The bond between a child and their pet is captured in this funny, heartwarming story about Kit-Kat, who is beyond lovable despite his mischievousness.