The Life of Saint Mardarije of Libertyville and all America

The Life of Saint Mardarije of Libertyville and all America

This children’s book brings an exciting story about St. Mardarije – the newly proclaimed saint in the Orthodox Christian Church. His relics were recently opened and found to be incorrupt from the knees up, with skin and hair still intact, bearing witness to the sanctity of this holy God-pleaser, already confirmed by his inclusion among the ranks of the saints.

In light of the one-hundredth anniversary of the arrival to North America of Saint Mardarije of Libertyville and his unselfish and energetic preaching of the Word of God on this continent, the Orthodox Christian publisher Orthodox Lighthouse has prepared a narrative of his life intended for the Orthodox youth of America.

The book depicts the main events in his life in chronological order, emphasizing the holiness that decorated his life.

It also contains a world map for our readers to understand better where Mardarije laid his holy footsteps. Finally, at the end of the book, there is a glossary that will help the readers understand different historical, biblical, and theological expressions.